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Chrissy mainly writes about parenting, sexual politics and the sociology of the body. Not usually at the same time. She has blogged irregularly for UK feminist site The F Word, and reviewed movie releases, lectures and books from a feminist perspective. She blogs for HuffPost and has contributed to Juno magazine and Natural Mamas.  She has a four year old son and a 18 month-old daughter.

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Attachment Feminism was set up in 2012 and journals a journey in feminist and attachment parenting.  It covers issues such as breastfeeding, breastfeeding legislation, sleep sharing, gentle parenting and day to day attachment parenting from a feminist perspective.  Chrissy is a keen writer and photographer.

Attachment Feminism is not a lifestyle blog, but seems to be slowly turning into one in among the feminism, politics and parenting.


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Chrissy’s debut book - Attachment Feminism:  Attachment Parenting from a Feminist Perspective - is available now.  It is a collection of articles, essays and posts previously published, as well as original pieces and an introduction to the feminism in attachment parenting.


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